WITWA Virtual Conference - 19th to 30th October

We've just finished five days of incredible speakers and inspiration, hosted by Western Australia’s leading advocate for Women in Tech [+] but don't worry, you haven't missed out ...yet!

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If you can see her, you can be her.

WiTWA [+] helps you see her.

(and him, and them!)

In fact, at our annual conference you'll see and hear from so many exceptional role models with tech [+] careers that your inspiration cup will be full for a year. 

This year's line up includes:

Dame Stephanie Shirley

...who founded a software programming business staffed entirely by women working from home. In 1962. She signed her letters 'Steve' so prospective clients didn't know Freelance Programmers was headed and run by women. 

That business grew to employ over 8,500 people and was worth $3 billion at its peak. In a move we would class as 'capitalism done right', Dame Stephanie gave away a major part of her shareholding to her employees, making 70 of them millionaires. She built this business while raising and caring for her severely autistic son. 

Today, she's a philanthropist, using her wealth and experience to improve lives around the world. 

Catch Dame Stephanie's highly entertaining TED talk 'Why do ambitious women have flat heads?' here (14mins). 

Julian Guthrie

Julian has interviewed some of the world’s most successful and interesting people, from Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk to Melinda Gates, Marissa Mayer, Christy Turlington, and the late Prof. Stephen Hawking (who wrote the afterword to her third book). Her work has won numerous awards and been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize multiple times. She has written five books, two of which are being adapted for television.

Julian founded a 501c3 national nonprofit, The Alpha Girls Institute, to support and spotlight the lives and stories of women and girls across the globe. She is now the founder and CEO of a venture-backed SaaS (software as a service) company, Mindset Alpha, which uses targeted storytelling and guided community to enable companies to attract, retain, and promote women and allies in entirely new ways. 

Images from the 2019 WITWA Conference

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